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Photo credit: Geraldine Heaney


Creative Producer

Safe Harbour: Open Sea was a Culture Collective project run by Open Road Ltd and the Fittie Community Development Trust.

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Image credit: Victoria Fifield

Through my role as Creative Producer, I led the environmental strand of work for Safe Harbour: Open Sea. I developed and delivered a short series of creative workshops exploring different aspects of our relationship with environment. The first of these introduced participants to the concept of 'thinking long', inspired by Roman Krznaric's book The Good Ancestor.


The second workshop in the series explored the concept of Carbon Literacy and the carbon costs of the decisions we make. As part of our efforts to further widen our reach, these workshops were later digitised and made into a series of digital workshops.

Community carbon pledges drawn as leaves on a tree

Workings alongside Creative Carbon Scotland I curated The Story of the Past, Present and Possible Futures, a panel discussion around the importance of due-diligence to the past when planning for the future, which formed part of Creative Carbon Scotland's Green Tease programme.

Other environmental events I produced as part of Safe Harbour: Open Sea included Words to Change the World book event, The Great Big Fittie Clothes Swap as part of Climate Fringe Festival and The Fittie Energy and Transport Fair.

Across the life of the project other key events I produced included Time and Tide, an immersive multimedia installation inspired by the village of Fittie, our very popular Fittie Film Nights, and the wonderfully unique Fabulous Fittie Fashion Fest by Laura Mears-Reynold.

A selection of images from The Fabulous Fittie Fashion Fest

Photo credits: Dawn Farmer, courtesy of Open Road Ltd

Time and Tide
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