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Finding Petunia LittleTree production image


Photo credit: Mark Zozaya



Who is Petunia LittleTree? And what about her relationship with baby tree, Sally Semper Sprout, is so unnerving?

Finding Petunia LittleTree, by Sharon Took-Zozaya, is a humorous, yet bittersweet, solo physical theatre piece that explores emotional responses to the climate emergency through a compassionate lens and asks how can we live with what we know, with humour, dark undertones and all? This piece invites audiences to reflect on their own options and choices within our current climate emergency.

Having completed development in 2022, I'm working alongside Sharon to explore potential futures for the production in 2023. If you'd be interested in learning more about Finding Petunia LittleTree with a view to supporting or programming the show, please get in touch.

Time and Tide
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