After launching his first book in summer 2021, Martin has since completed a further two children’s books. Read the synopsis of Martin’s books below, or head over to the shop to purchase a book, gift or accessory.

Captain Cleo and the Farmyard Friends

Cleo the emu is everyone’s favourite animal on the farm. Why?

Because she’s brave, clever and fast. She looks after all her animal friends and keeps the naughty Bandit Badger at bay!

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Mikey’s Mum’s Birthday

It’s Mikey’s mum’s birthday and Mikey’s got a plan
to make his mum feel as special as he can.

To celebrate her birthday she’s heading to the shops
so Mikey’s throwing her a party and he’s pulled out all the stops.

Mikey’s Mum’s Birthday is the debut novel by Scottish writer Martin Aitken. Come and join Mikey on a heart-warming journey as he plans a surprise party for his mum’s birthday. There’s so much to do – he’ll need to find a gift, organise party food, bake a cake, make a card and decorate the house all before his mum gets home! Will he manage to get all his tasks done in time?

Martin Aitken’s rhyme pairs seamlessly with the stunning and imaginative illustrations of Barry Davian to offer a story time experience enjoyed by children and adults alike.

Help Granny! I’ve Lost my Pants!

Alex has searched the whole house, but still can’t find their favourite pants. Maybe Granny and Patch will be able to help Alex track down the missing underwear!

From the writer of Mikey’s Mum’s Birthday, this hilarious adventure will have you in fits of giggles.